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Late Model Sportsman Rules 2017


No part of the frame may be aluminum, titanium or other exotic material.

All Square tube frames minimum 2” rectangular .083” wall thickness.

Round tube frames must be a minimum of 1 ¾” with a minimum of .083” wall thickness.

Wheel base 102” minimum.

Wheel width from side to side 88” maximum measured outside to outside of rear tires.

No aluminum or composite lift bars

Fuel Cell:

Fuel Cell must be mounted behind rear end housing between frame rails.

Must be securely strapped with 2 steel straps 2” wide by 1/8” thick.

Must be mounted inside fuel cell steel box.

Fuel & Fuel System:

Gasoline or racing gasoline only

Fuels must have specific gravity of .745 or less

Fuel pump must be mounted in stock location

No electric fuel pumps

No belt drive fuel pumps


No bigger than a 750cc

Claim rule $550

1” Spacer 604, zero tolerance

2” Spacer 602, zero tolerance

1 gasket allowed on each side, maximum thickness of .70”


No tri-y headers

No long tube headers

A standard header is required

You may run elbows and extensions

$275 claim rule


V-belt pulleys only, no serpentine

Power steering must be mounted on the front of the engine


No magneto’s, MSD style & Electronic ignition allowed

MSD box allowed

No crank triggers or devices that allow external adjustments of timing.

No remote oil filters or oil coolers


Bert, Brinn or Falcon

No Generation 2 transmissions or lightweight transmissions of any kind


Aluminum or steel permitted


Rear end:

Any standard quick change 10” only, no 8”


No lightweight brake rotors

11 ¾” diameter minimum

1 ¼” wide minimum

No scalloped or drilled


No lightweight, No magnesium, No oil filled hubs


Oil shocks, non adjustable

Steel body gas shocks, non adjustable (like SECA modified shocks)

1 shock per wheel. You may run an additional traction shock in front of the left rear wheel. 

5th coil shock okay

$125 claim rule on each shock



2 1/2” diameter maximum

No barrel springs, progressive springs, double stack, bump stops or bump springs allowed

Right front spring 10" or 12” tall, minimum 350 pound rate

Rear springs 2 ½ diameter max, no barrel or progressive springs. 14” height max.



1-  602 2200lbs

2-  604 2400lbs

3-  GM Head # 041, 186, 291, 461, 462, 492 & Bowtie Out of Box -Must Run 650 Carb with 50lbs of weight in Front of the Motor Plate - 2400lbs

​4-  Vortec Bowtie, World Products Sportsman 2 (200-64cc), Dart Iron Eagle Platinum (200-64cc)

​World Products Sportsman 2 & Dart Iron Eagle Platinum 2

*NO LESS THAN 60cc Combustion Chamber

​You Must Run Allstar Adjustable Base Plate - ALL26060

​You Must Run Allstar Insert - ALL26068

​Must Weigh 2450 with 50lbs in Front of Motor Plate

Engine rules can change at any time to make the class more competitive



Limited Sportsman engines must meet 2016 Friendship Speedway rules and will be required to run a restrictor plate from Port City called 1” governor base plate. Insert size for the base plate will be determined as soon as possible and may be changed during the year at any time to maintain competition.

Crate Engines:

May be rebuilt by anyone. No seal bolts required. Must meet all GM specs except for the following modifications:

You may run a Hasting style ring, A P bearing (A cheap bearing) & Mahle piston replacement. You may bore .20” over.


Maximum 14” wide steel or aluminum permitted

TIRES: Other 3 Corners (Hoosier HTS Spec 1350 or American Racer Pro 2)   Right Rear MUST Be: HTS Spec 1600 or American Racer 56). No grooving or siping. NO Steer Tires Allowed!

No soaking, softening or conditioning of tires.

$1000 fine for the first offense and a loss of all points and winnings.

$2000 fine for the second offense and a loss of all points and winnings.


All body rules are covered under SECA body rules EXCEPT 12” spoilers and wings are mandatory.

Engine Protest Rule:

$500 to protest. Will be tore down at the racetrack. Track reserves the right to take it to an independent builder.

Claim Rule:

Anyone in the top 10 can claim anyone in the top 10

 This class is meant to be an inexpensive late model class. Any part deemed to be detrimental to the class will be disallowed. The track reserves the right to change or modify these rules or any rule at anytime in the interest of the track and competition.