**Friendship Speedway Management has the final call on any rules question(s) and/or protest(s). In the continued interest of safety and competition, Friendship Speedway Management reserves the right to change/amend any rule at any time**

**In the event that a driver fails a technical inspection, that driver can be held fully accountable for reimbursing the protesting driver or track any and all protest fees/inspection expenses before being cleared to return to competition.**

Tires submitted to an independent laboratory and deemed to NOT meet the manufacturer's benchmark will result in the following penalties to the driver: 

1st Offense:  Loss of all points & monies earned in "said/violating" event.  Driver must reimburse track or protesting driver all technical inspection expenses.

2nd Offense:  1st offense penalties, $400 fine, & 2 week competition suspension.

2017 General Rules & Race Procedures

* Interpretations of rules and decisions from speedway officials are final.

* Drivers and crew will conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner at all times.

* Only driver or car owner can be spokesman for car in all matters pertaining to the race.

* Consumption of alcohol/intoxicants by drivers is prohibited. Offenders are to disqualification.

* Cars will practice with their respective division or forfeit practice for said event.

* Any driver, car owner or crew member excessively arguing with track officials, scoring tower, etc. may be disqualified and/or fined at the discretion of speedway management/officials.

* Activities that may result in disqualification, fines, loss of winnings, loss of points, and/or be subject to suspension and/or arrest include but are not limited to: Loud and abusive language toward track officials, starting or engaging in a fight, deliberate contact during caution laps or after completion of the race, disorderly conduct at the pay-off window, subjecting any employee/official to improper/abusive language or signs. Any person found with weapons on them or their vehicle is also subject to arrest. Penalty will be at the discretion of speedway management.

* Track reserves right to promote any driver/team competing at Friendship Speedway and use any photo taken at the speedway at any time without prior notice or consent.

* Fire resistant uniform, helmet, five-point harness and fire extinguisher are recommended and may at some point be required for eligibility. Head/Neck restraints and/or full containment seats must have tech approval for 25 lb. weight break. 25 lb. weight break is available for all divisions. 25 lb. weight break is the maximum allowed. Drivers need approved head/neck restraint OR full containment seat for weight break.......weight break is for EITHER item, not BOTH.

* Driver must take the green flag in main event to receive any money/monies.

* All cars need wrecker hookups/connections in Front & Rear.

* Raceceivers and Transponders are required mandatory in ALL divisions!

* Should driver changes occur after heat/qualifying, car will be moved to the rear.

* Two laps will be given for flat tire in main event only (Cars must be on lead lap).

* FMS Bounty Rule: Should any driver win 3 consecutive events in a division, a bounty will be placed on that driver. In order for competitors to claim the bounty, the driver that the bounty was placed on must start from their original position, be competing at the end of the race, and finish on the lead lap. Should a driver wish to claim their own bounty, they must start at the rear of the field (minimum 10 cars required) and win the event.

2017 Race Procedures

RaceCeivers are Transponders are required and mandatory in ALL divisions!

All cars are required to report to the scales after qualifying.

Top 3 cars are to report to scales after heat races.

Top 5 cars are to report to scales after the feature. Cars not in lineup when race director starts parade lap(s) will go to rear of field. With the exception of assisting cars in wrecks/cautions, FMS does not pull sheet metal. I

NITIAL STARTS: Initial starts are double file and begin off of Turn 4 INSIDE the designated firing zone. Once pole sitter enters firing zone, they have the right to start the race. If pole sitter has not started the race by the time they reach the end of the firing zone……the green flag will be displayed and the race will begin.

RESTARTS: Restarts Double File Restarts For all Divisions) occur in firing zone with same rules as Initial Start.

JUMPING: There are no warnings for jumping any initial starts or restarts. If a driver is charged with jumping, the 1st offense will be a penalty of 2 positions. A 2nd offense will result in the driver being moved to the tail end of the lead lap. If a 3rd offense occurs, the driver will receive a black flag. In addition, should a jump occur from the front row and a driver be moved back to the 2nd row, the driver that moves up from row 2 to the front row will not be given the right to start the race. The right to set the pace and start the race goes to the other driver on the front row that did not jump the start/restart. The race and firing zone directors have final call on starts and restarts. Cars involved in accidents bringing out red or yellow flag will be lined up in rear of field Drivers stopping on track or exiting car to argue are subject to being penalized. Any car charged with 2 unassisted cautions during group qualifying or heat race may be black flagged. Any car charged with 3 unassisted cautions during feature event may be black-flagged Should two or more cars cross the finish line at same time, inside car can be declared the winner. Cars cannot receive any assistance from other cars during last lap of the race. Cars deliberately stopping on the track may be penalized 1 lap for the infraction. Rough driving will be dealt with through fines and/or suspensions. No crewmembers on track without track official’s permission. White Flag Lap: Race back to checkered flag. Should track safety become jeopardized, officials may display red light.

Green & Yellow: Race safely back to checkered flag. Red Light: Cars will be lined back up for a single file restart and 1 lap shootout.

2017 Xtreme Stock 4 Division Rules

1. Rear wheel drive only. Max. wheel base 104”.

2. Stock firewall and floor pan in stock location.

3. Stock bodies and after market bodies and noses Ok, must be stock appearing bodies and track approved, May use stock tail piece or 12"min tall aluminum to close in rear.

4. 3 bars in front of driver or screen to protect driver from rocks, etc.

5. OEM transmission with all gears in working order.

6. Stock or stock replacement clutch and pressure plate. Stock flywheel, must weigh 16 lbs. No scalloped flywheels.

7. Roll cage: Min 1 ½” x .095 steel full roll cage. 8 Anchor points recommended and must be secured to unibody. Must be track approved.

8. 4 driver door bars, at least 3 bars in right door, all major stress points are to have gussets.

9. Stock chassis, may tie chassis together. Engine must mount in stock location with NO setback.

10. Brakes: May have racing pedals with any master cylinder. No adjustments with all four wheels to have working brakes. No drilled rotors or lightened drums.

11. Suspension: Stock struts and Any steel non-adjustable steel shock, Caster and camber plates allowed, screw jacks allowed, Adjustable cups and shackles allowed and factory pan hard bars only. Top shock mounting point may be relocated.

12. Drive shafts: 1 ½” OD minimum. Steel only. Must be painted white.

13. Rear-end must be stock up to 8” for make of car. No lightening allowed. May use mini spool, or weld rear-end. Axles must be stock.

14. Stock steering components.

15. Any steel wheels up to 8''. Large wheel studs OK. Bead locks allowed on right side....Any 60 or 70 series DOT street tire 13”, 14”, or 15” untouched. NO racing tires of any type (American Racers or Hoosiers) No soaking, grooving or siping. Must punch 60!

***Note*** May run Towel City Retread Mini Stock/legend DOT Stamped 205/60/13 (89 compound) Must punch 60

Xtreme Stock 4 Engine Rules

 1 lb. per c.c. as measured. Minimum weight 2000 lbs. after race with driver. Weight must be marked on hood or front fender near driver.

4 cylinder OEM block only. Wear tolerance will be allowed.

OEM intakes only. Stock cast iron manifolds only. Stock crank, stock stroke NO lightening.

Rods: Stock Only….Any rod bolts may be used.  Pistons: Any flat top Toyota: 3TC may run dome .267, 20 and 22 may run dome .125 NOTE: Zero deck height Carburetor: Stock 4 cyl. carburetor for make of car or Holley 350 CFM (#7448) Must have air horn with number. 1” thick maximum adapters allowed with 2 gaskets only @ .070” max or 1 stock gasket without adaptor. Holley 350 CFM Venturi and Base measurements must remain factory.

Cam: Max lift 425" lift, no rollers checked with .025" lash OEM oil pumps only.

Valves: steel only, no hollow valves, stock diameter. Valve springs: single or double allowed, must be steel. Any steel retainers allowed.

Stock ignition. OEM passenger car head only untouched. (except for 3 angle valve job)  

ALL Lead must be securely fastened to the race car in order to promote safety.  Lead must be painted white, silver, or highly visible color.  Include car # as well.  Unsecured lead is subject to track inspection, regulation, possible disqualification if deemed unsafe.

2017 Renegade Division Rules

1. BODY - Any full/mid size American made car or truck. No jeeps or 4x4’s will be allowed to run. WHEELBASE minimum is 101'' with a 1'' tolerance. 6'' REAR SPOILERS OK, Doors, fenders, quarter panels, and roofs/tops may be fabricated of steel or aluminum, but must be stock appearing. Floor pans must be in stock location on drivers side... Trunk pans may be cut out.  Any floor pan may be used in driver’s side.  Firewall can be stock (aluminum or steel), May replace rear frame rails with tubing...New frame rails may not extend any further forward than front leaf spring or trailing arm mount.

2. CHASSIS - Uni-bodies may be tied together. Hulling is legal. Must have a full roll cage constructed of a min. 1 1/2'' tubing.

3. Front inner fender wells may be removed. Fender wells may be cut for tire clearance.

4. Fuel cell, safety belt, harness, & fire extinguisher mandatory. Must be track approved

5. FUEL - Racing fuel ok.

6. WEIGHT - 3200 lbs, Unsealed GM 602 3150 lbs, Sealed GM 602 3100lbs   Weight must be posted on Driver's side front fender!!!!

7. SUSPENSION - Must be in the stock location. Racing springs allowed. No Chrysler rear leaf springs on GM chassis. Front springs may be changed and adjustable buckets ok. Spring shackles ok. Upper A-frame may be cut for caster. Non-adjustable tubular upper A-arms are OK. FRONT Shocks must be in the stock location.  REAR shocks may be relocated.  Any non-adjustable steel body shock is acceptable.

8. TRANSMISSION - Factory OEM manual or automatic ok. NO Bert, Brinn, Jericho or direct drives. Automatics must have a working torque converter.  Flywheel, clutch, and clutch disc collectively must weigh a minimum of 30lbs.  CLUTCH-stock type pressure plate and clutch disc of 10 1/2'' min. Steel scatter shield mandatory with manual transmission, may be fabricated from 3/16''steel and track approved. Factory slave hydraulic release cylinders are OK.  After market hyd release bearing allowed

9. REAR END - Posi-track, limited slip, or locked rear ends ok. Mini-spool ok. 9” Ford in all cars ok for safety. Aftermarket axles are OK.

10. BRAKES - 3 wheel working brakes mandatory. No brake adjusters.MAY USE RIGHT FRONT SHUT OFF..

11. TIRES - American Racer Mod 3 or KK704 - Hoosier G-60

There will be a $500.00 fine if Caught Soaking Tires In the Renegade Division

12. WHEELS - Steel only, 8'' wide max. Bead lock on Right side only. Large wheel studs recommended. NO WIDE FIVE.  HUBS/WHEELS

13. DRIVE SHAFT - Must be painted white with car # on it. Must have a safety loop 8”-12” to rear of transmission where drive shaft inserts into transmission.

14. ENGINE - RODS - 5.7 OEM stock steel rods for engine used. Stronger rod bolts may be used (Scat SCA 25700P, SCA 35700, Eagle ESP 5700 BPLW). Total Assembly of Piston and Rod with Rings and Bearings must a minimum weight 1250 grams.  Polishing, stress relieving, balancing and floating pins are optional. MAX. OVERBORE IS .060”, 0” deck ok. CUBIC INCH - GM & FORD 365 cubic inch max. Chrysler 374 cubic inch max. Engine location must have #1 spark plug aligned with front ball joint. (1” tolerance) Option :May run GM Sealed 602 crate engine with Holley 650 #4777 box stock,may remove choke horn, with 1"  open  spacer.

15. CAM & LIFTERS - .425 hydraulic max. with ZERO lash (Ford 450 hydraulic max with ZERO lash).  No rollers. Anti-pump up lifters ok. Must be stock lifters for engine.

16. HEADS - Stock OEM straight plug cast iron heads or World Product #43600 No less than 70 CC.. No closed chamber (high performance heads) such as 461, 461x, 041, 186, or 492 castings. No vortex or angle plug heads. Screw in studs and guide plates ok. VALVE SPRINGS - Stock diameter single valve springs (1.265") & stock rocker arms for engine used. No hand blending. VALVES - Steel only. Max. size 1.94 intake, 1.5 exhaust

17. INTAKE - Stock cast iron intake.    HEADERS - ok.

18. PISTONS - Stock type OEM or replacement type. Must have 4 valve reliefs or dish type only.

19. CRANKSHAFT - Stock stroke only. GM is 3.48'' only. May be balanced (6” Balancer Diameter). No knife edging. CAST 48 lbs. min. STEEL 50 lbs. min.

20. IGNITION - Stock type only. HEI ok. Brass dist. gear ok. COIL - Any. NO MSD.


22. CARBURETOR - Holley 600 #1850 [out of box}may run performer aluminum intake #2101 with 1'' max. spacer plate. Holley 600 may remove choke and re-jet. Max. throttle bore is 1 9/16''. Max. venturi size: primary is 1.250'', secondary is 1 5/16''. Holley 500 #4412 may run 1” max. spacer plate. Max. throttle bore is 1.6875''. Max. venturi size is 1.375''. QUADRA-JETS OK, but must run stock OEM CAST IRON intake. NO BOW-TIE intakes.  602 Engine Holley 650 #4777 {box stock} with 1" open spacer,may remove choke horn.

ALL Lead must be securely fastened to the race car in order to promote safety.  Lead must be painted white, silver, or highly visible color.  Include car # as well.  Unsecured lead is subject to track inspection, regulation, possible disqualification if deemed unsafe.

2017 U-Car Division Rules

1. 1980 or later 4CYL front wheel drive only.

2. Completely stock, as it was sold. No homemade or aftermarket parts. *Note may use aluminum on bodies, but it must look stock appearing!!!  Must have Factory roof, and must be stock appearing nose. 4" spoiler OK.

3. May run any springs / spring rubbers.

4. Stock fuel injection or carburetor for that make and model of car.

5. No forced air induction systems.

6. Factory air induction with no modifications.

7. All belts and all pumps must remain in place and operational (may remove AC Pump)

8. Battery either in stock location or in metal box if moved to an approved place.

9. Fuel-cell recommended gas only.

10. Any steel wheels up to 8''. Large wheel studs OK. Any 50, 60, or 70 series street DOT tire (13, 14, 15, or 16 inch) untouched. NO racing tires!  All wheels and tires must be same size and offset!

11. All suspension must remain in stock location.

12. Rear seats must be removed and steel enclosure added for safety & fire protection.

13. Full roll cage, at least 4 driver side door bars, or 3 bars with a 3/16 plate welded to outside of bars inside of door. At least ¼ thick 3” x 3” steel plate at each mount to floor. Full cage is 4 point but 6 point is recommended.

14.Weight:  Minimum 2300 lbs. - Dual cam 2550 lbs.  Post weight on driver side fender!

15. Every driver must have a Chilton or Haynes automotive book at track with them!

16. Computer: Must be stock--No tuned computers allowed!!!

17. NO High Performance or sport type engines.  No quad 4s, turbo, V-tech, tech-v or spec-v engines allowed (170 HP engine maximum)

ALL Lead must be securely fastened to the race car in order to promote safety.  Lead must be painted white, silver, or highly visible color.  Include car # as well.  Unsecured lead is subject to track inspection, regulation, possible disqualification if deemed unsafe

2017 Super Stock 4 Rules

1. Rear wheel drive only and a maximum wheel base of 104”

2. Stock firewall and floor pan in stock location or approved steel in stock location.

3.  After market bodies and noses OK, but must be stock appearing and track approved. A tail piece is optional.  Spoilers can be 5” with a 1'' break making them a 6'' maximum.

4. 3 bars in front of driver or screen to protect driver from rocks, etc.

5. OEM transmission with all gears in working order.

6. Stock clutch with steel bell housing or protective shield ¼” thick that goes around top and sides of bell housing OR multi disc clutch with scatter shield recommended.

7. Roll Cage: Min 1 ½” x .095 steel full roll cage. 8 Anchor points recommended.

8. 4 driver door bars, minimum 3 bars in right door, all major stress points need gussets

9. Stock chassis, OK to reinforce as long as you stay in factory lines. No full tube chassis, Engine must mount in stock location, valve cover in front of firewall.

10. Shocks: ANY, non-adjustable.

11. Stock suspension components in stock location in front, top shock mounting point may be relocated, May modify stock struts on Toyota, homemade adjustable coil-over OK, NO production coil-overs.  Jackscrews may be added to others in stock location.

12. Rear-end may be changed. 9” is OK. No quick change.

13. Stock type steering components.

14. May use spool, or weld rear-end. No limited slip.

15. Wheels/tires 8''x13'' tire/wheel wide max, bead locks ok....TIRES any 8'' max must punch 45 or harder ANYTIME!!!! NO soaking, grooving, or siping!!!

Super Stock 4 Engine Rules

1 lb. per c.c. as measured. Minimum weight 2000 lbs. after race with driver. Weight must be marked on hood or front fender near driver.

4 cylinder OEM block, you may interchange engine & car model (i.e. Ford engine in Toyota)

OEM intake Untouched HEADER any... Stock crank, stock stroke NO lightening.

Pistons: Any flat top, 3TC may use .267 dome,20 and 22 may use .125 dome, ZERO deck height Max. rod length 5.7”.

CARB any 500cfm 2 barrel or smaller, may remove choke horn. Venturi and Base measurements must pass track gauges

No roller tappet cams Wet sump, internal oil pumps only Valves: steel only and no hollow valves. No titanium or ceramic parts, all valves, keepers, retainers, push rods, wrist pins, etc. must be steel.

OEM passenger car heads only, no after-market heads, no grinding, polishing, welding, glass beading...May have competition valve job, any angle, and any depth. Valve guide boss must remain stock. All angles must be concentric with valve guide. 3/4 bowl cut ok.

No aluminum heads on fords

ALL Lead must be securely fastened to the race car in order to promote safety.  Lead must be painted white, silver, or highly visible color.  Include car # as well.  Unsecured lead is subject to track inspection, regulation, possible disqualification if deemed unsafe

2016 Race City Steel Crate Late Model Rules

ENGINES: GM 602 Car & Driver: 2200 lbs  GM 604 Car & Driver: 2350 lbs

All Engines and parts must be as from factory and all components thereof.

Any "unauthorized" changes will result in disqualification, no points, fines and other possible penalties including but not limited to being barred. This includes, but is not limited to, harmonic balancers, valve springs, push rods, rocker arms, and after market valve covers etc.

NO upgrades are allowed to any engine that may produce power via "performance enhancing methods". This includes any "breather system" modification.


Driver loses points and is barred from competition for 365 days or pays a $3000.00 fine

Engine Seals: New GM bolts from factory, SECA, FASTRAK, NeSmith/Rush, or NDRA seals ONLY!

Although other seals are allowed, engines MUST meet rules set forth

PROTESTS: Top 5 can protest anyone in top 5 positions.

ENGINE CLAIM RULE: GM 602 HP $3500 Claim. GM 604 HP $6000 Claim. Participant refusing to allow claim will be considered 'illegal within the bolts' and penalties according to such will apply. Tear Down Rules: All fees much be paid in full within 5 minutes of protested car crossing scales. Protestor must have money in hand for protest. ONCE PROTEST IS DECLARED, IT CANNOT BE WITHDRAWN!

COMPLETE TEAR DOWN: $1000.00 Protest fee and $200 Acceptance Fee. $200.00 goes to track, $200 to selected technical inspector. (NOTE: $600 is for reassembly and re-sealing. Does NOT include any additional needed parts related to wear and tear.)



CARBURETORS: One 4 barrel Carburetor only….must have 1 11/16th (standard) base plate maximum. No exceptions. Billet base plates may be used (.780 maximum) 604 Engine: 1 inch carburetor spacer maximum (0 TOLERANCE). 602 Engine: 2 Inch carburetor spacer maximum (0 TOLERANCE).

Please take time to check your plate with a gauge, not a tape measure. Spacer may not protrude into carb or intake at any point. One gasket per surface allowed (.070 maximum). No fuel injection, nitrous oxide or other type systems allowed. Aerosol carbs are not legal.

FUEL SYSTEMS: Mechanical fuel pumps only. NO electric fuel pump of any type allowed.

EVACUATION SYSTEMS: EVACUATION SYSTEMS ARE NOT ALLOWED! This means any type vacuum system. Includes vacuum from that of breather system and/or any other means of "pressure evacuation"

HEADERS: Tri Y headers are not legal. No merge collectors. Please note it has been brought to our attention the use of custom headers. Should the price of headers become what the series considers 'unreasonable' and/or an unfair advantage, Friendsihip retains right to use 'spec headers'.

OIL PUMP: Wet sump only. No external oil pumps. Even if considered "wet". Remote oil filter and lines permitted. (One) remote oil filter. Oil cooler allowed (One)

DISTRIBUTOR: No magnetos. Electronic ignition allowed. MSD type box allowed. No crank triggers or devices that allow external adjustment of timing.

ELECTRONIC DEVICES: No electronic devices allowed on car thereby enhancing adjustment of that car. Traction control is NOT legal. No remote control devices allowed on any car during any event. No electronic devices controlling shocks. Exotic Materials: ALL exotic materials are illegal including titanium and/or carbon fiber. Carbon fiber drive shafts legal for safety purposes

TRANSMISSION: In and out box not permitted. Transmissions without "exotic materials" allowed. It must have working clutch with forward and reverse gear. Drive shafts should be painted white with car number. This is a safety issue! Drive shaft loop is highly recommended. This is a safety issue for all competitors. Automatic transmission allowed. Air shifters not allowed. Carbon fiber, aluminum or steel drive shafts permitted.

REAR ENDS: Any Standard Quick Change Rear End. No open type (sprint car) rear ends. 9” Ford rear end or similar type rear end not permitted. No titanium moving parts within rear end including wheel studs. Traction control not permitted.

BRAKES: All cars must have operational 4 wheel braking systems. Electric or manual proportioning valve permitted. Carbon fiber, titanium or other exotic materials are not legal. Brake Rotors must be magnetic.

WHEELS: Maximum 14 inch wheels permitted. Steel or aluminum wheels only. Bead locks are permitted. Carbon fiber or titanium wheels are not legal.

TIRES: Other 3 Corners (Hoosier HTS 1350 or American Racer Pro 2)   Right Rear MUST Be: HTS 1600 or American Racer 56).  NO Steer Tires Allowed!

After Talking with the Race City Steel Crate Late Model Drivers we have decided TO ALLOW them to Sipe & Groove Only the AMERICAN RACER PRO 2 , PRO 3 56 TIRE.  The American Racer Pro 2, Pro 3 56 Tire is a more affordable tire for the racers and we are trying to keep costs down for them while making it competitive with the Hoosier Tires.
This will be effective 3-18-17

Tires may be checked by officials at any time and may be subject to meet minimum durometer requirements. Tires may be confiscated by track at any time (for checking numbers, spec, altering, etc). Tires may be checked by independent lab for ‘treating’ and other alterations. Tires that do not conform to the manufacturer’s submitted benchmark will be deemed illegal. Buffing is permitted.


1st offense: $1000.00 fine, loss of points, loss of prize money.

2nd offense: $2500.00 fine, loss of points, loss of prize money.

3rd offense: $5000.00 fine, loss of points, loss of prize money, and suspension to be set at Friendship management discretion.

$500 of each fine will go toward the track where the tire was found not to conform with the benchmark set forth by Hoosier & American Racer.

FIREWALL: Must be approved firewall. Edges of firewall should be completely ‘sealed’ with silicone or similar material in case of fire. Floor should be reinforced for safety. Sheet metal beside driver should be strongly reinforced or use heavier gauge in this location.

BODIES: (check diagram in rear of rules) All measurements with driver 'in car' Ford, GM, Dodge and Toyota bodies allowed. All body parts must be same as nose. (Ford, GM, Dodge, Toyota) Standard Dirt type bodies only. No wedge bodies. No lips allowed on roof, sides or nose that may be utilized for spoiler purposes. (Inside or outside) All upper and side panels must run parallel to chassis. Front fenders and hood must be level and flat from left side to right side of car and at least as far back as engine plate. No part of fenders or hood may be below outside body line nor angle inward or outward. A single strip of plastic material along the bottom of doors permitted. No part of rear deck may extend past quarter panels. Center of rear hub to end of quarter panel cannot exceed 50 inches. Measured in a horizontal line. Must have at least one number on both doors and number on roof. No part of body may "V in" from outside to middle of car or middle of that part. No wheel skirts. 37 inches from top of door to ground maximum. Rear Deck height measured from ground 39 inches maximum with driver in car. 78 inches at the top of the doors maximum side to side (width). Checked at firewall and behind driver’s seat. 72 inches maximum rear width measured at spoiler. 78 inches maximum rear body width measured 12 inches below spoiler. Maximum width of body measured at bottom of doors 86 inches. Measured in the center of doors.

ELEPHANT EARS: NO MORE THAN 5" TALL (measured with straight edge down to hood)

All non approved bodies and/or any section(s) of the body may be assessed a weight penalty (minimum of 50 lbs) at the discretion of the technical director.

ROOFS: Sheet metal, fiberglass or plastic. Carbon fiber edges permitted. No odd shaped or partial tilted roofs. Must be parallel to body. Must have roof supports and posts. Bottom of front post Maximum 12 inches. Post must run in straight line and maximum 4 inches total of both sides. May taper at bottom into post. No V shape of roof measured from outside to middle. Roof Length Minimum 44 - Maximum 54. Roof Width Minimum 48 - Maximum 52. Quarters windows must be either, both sealed or both open. (If open, cannot be ‘offset and must be the same size'). Sail Panel(s) maximum 43 1/2 inches measured at any point on a horizontal plane. Sail Panel(s) cannot be offset. Must meet edge of body. Maximum 3 inch arch measured on front side. Sail Panel(s) must be same as body. Re: Ford, Dodge, Chevy, etc. Sail Panel must ‘taper down’ at rear corner of roof. Sail panels cannot be offset from each other. Sail Panels Maximum of 3/8 inch lip at any point for support. No horizontal supports on Sail Panel. Front and rear of roof must roll, not create a spoiler effect. The roofs are getting out of hand. We will work to create a "rake" rule.

NOSE PIECES: Any extensions must be of flexible material. Maximum width of nose piece and extension is 92 inches. Must be mounted flat to top of fenders. Fenders may not "V" in. Maximum measured from center of front hub is 54 inches at furthest point. Nose must be same as body type. The AR nose is legal for competition.

INTERIOR: Interior body work may be dropped a maximum of 4 inches below the door. Drop interior must be enclosed at firewall in. Flat interior must maintain a minimum of 11 inches from roll cage to allow for easy exit in case of emergency. Plastic glare shield permitted at front of cockpit as normal method (4" max height).

SPOILERS: 8 inch spoiler only. Metal or Lexan permitted. Plexiglas not permitted. Adjustable spoiler permitted up and down only. Side to side not permitted. Spoiler may not be adjustable during the race. Maximum measurement is 8 inches tall X 72 inches wide. 2 piece spoiler allowed, but must be bolted together at joint and attached to single blade at that joint. If bolted together, both pieces must be exact same angle. Measured total of all material including any turns up or down and including support brace. Spoiler may not extend over side of car. Spoiler blade may extend up to 3/4 inch off of back of car. Maximum 3 blades or supports allowed. Supports or blades maximum length of 18 1/2 inches where it attaches to the car. Includes middle blade. Blade must have a minimum of 1 1/2 inches clearance between front of blade and sail panel. Blade at front edge must be a maximum height of 4 inches. If angle material is used to support rear of spoiler, it must be mounted at least 1/2 inch below top edge of spoiler

Cars with GM 602 engine MAY utilize 12" inch 'side blades'. Middle blade 'if used' must remain 8 inches. Both side blades must be the same size.

12" inch side blades. Use same pattern as 8" inch blade in diagram. 4 inches front maximum, tapering in a straight line to the rear of blade.

ROLL CAGE: No aluminum or titanium cages permitted. All tubing must be a minimum of 1 1/2 inches and a minimum of .083 wall thickness. Three bars in driver’s side mandatory, two bars in right side mandatory. Must have a minimum of 1 inch bar, .083 wall thickness in halo section running either front to rear or diagonal across

DRIVERS COMPARTMENT/DRIVER SAFETY: Fire suit mandatory (1 or 2 piece). Racing shoes and gloves suggested. Seat of racing type design and bolted to frame not floor. Right side head rest mandatory (left side suggested). Hans, Hutchens, and/or similar safety restraint not mandatory, but recommended (25 lb weight break if used). Quick release steering wheel mandatory. Batteries may not be placed in driver’s compartment. Helmet with fire resistant interior. Snell 2005 and up. Full set of racing seat belts and mounted to frame and not floor mandatory. NO SEAT BELTS OLDER THAN 2 YEARS! Must have working fire system at all times. Not charged = not working. Gauges must be visible for inspection. Mirrors not allowed.

FUEL CELL: Fuel cell must be mounted behind rear end housing between frame rails in what is known as "industry standard". It must be securely strapped with minimum of two steel straps. (Other state laws may apply…NJ, etc). Straps must be 2 inches wide x 1/8 inch thick. It must be mounted inside fuel cell steel box. No part of fuel cell may be below bottom of rear housing.

FUEL: Gasoline and Racing Gasoline ONLY! Fuels must have a Specific Gravity of .745 or less. Fuels with a Specific Gravity greater than .745 are illegal and driver will be disqualified!

SHOCKS: No 3way or 4way adjustable shocks. Double adjustable shocks are OK. NO shocks with more than two adjustments allowed. No electronically controlled shocks. The maximum # of shocks allowed per car is 7. (Friendship Speedway reserves the right to amend shock rule, confiscate any shock, and/or disallow any shock at any time.)

CHASSIS: No part of frame may be aluminum, titanium or other ‘exotic’ material. All frames must be a minimum of 2 inches square or rectangular with minimum of .083 wall thickness. Round tube frames must be a minimum of 1 3/4 inches and a minimum wall thickness of .083. 4130 chrome moly only. Wheelbase minimum is 102 inches at any time. Wheel width from side to side is 88 inches maximum (measured from outside to outside of rear tires). Wheel spacers permitted. All lead must be solid blocks. No lead shot permitted. All lead MUST BE painted white with car number on it. This is a safety issue! All lead must be securely fastened with minimum of grade 5 bolts minimum of 3/8 inch. All bolts must be doubled nutted or safety wired. Locking nut alone is not legal. All "single bolt mount" clamps must have duct tape or pinned at bolt to keep lead from backing off. 25 lbs per bolt mount. One bolt mount 25 pounds, two bolt mount 50 pounds. No one piece over 50lbs. Jig chassis allowed. Clip chassis allowed. No wings or tunnels of any kind allowed on/under the body or chassis of the car. Rock shields are allowed as long as they do not create a spoiler effect. These may be constructed of aluminum or steel provided that they are attached securely to the chassis and are a MAXIMUM of 18 inches in height and 24 inches in length. These Shields are designed to protect oil pans and transmissions only and will be permitted in those locations only. Engine setback is 25 1/2 inches (measured from center of ball joint to front of engine plate).

               2016 Hank Thomas/Sonoco Fuel Crate Modified Rules

1. Rear of bell engine housing flange at least 72" forward from the center of rear axle. Engine offset within 2" of center line of front cross member. Minimum engine height should be 11" from front center of crankshaft to ground. NO REAR SPOILER.

2. Standard roll cage not less than 1.5" outside diameter & wall thickness (at least .095)

3. No altering of brake rotors/calipers. No single disc brake rotors. Must be O.E.M.

4. Exhaust headers: No Tri-Y or merge headers.

5. Factory production US car frames. Frames complete in front of firewall.

6. Frames may not be widened or narrowed. Front cross member may be notched for radiator clearance. Minimum frame & body height from ground is 4".

7. Front O.E.M. suspension in stock location must be replaceable by stock part from same type suspension. No aluminum shocks. Stock passenger car spindles only. No fabricated spindles. Bottom A-frames cannot be altered or moved. Control arms copies may be used that are approved.

8. Tube type upper A-frame allowed and may be moved.

9. Coil over shocks OK on rear ONLY.

10. Rear of frame may be altered to accept leaf or coil springs. Any coil springs must be at least 4 1/2" outside diameter. No fiberglass springs or lift bars allowed. No rear torsion bars allowed.

11. One non adjustable steel shock & one spring per wheel. In addition, one 90/10 shock is allowed in the pull bar area ($125.00 claim per shock).

12. Wheel base: Minimum 108”, Maximum 112". No front clips or tube type allowed. Drive Shaft may be made of Steel or Carbon Fiber Only (No Aluminum, Fiberglass, Etc)

13. Engine compartment is to be left open. No side panels. Hood sides maximum 6" drop and enclosed at rear of hood. Bodies may extend no further forward than back of block allowed. Rear panel may be open from quarter panel to quarter panel.

14. No wings. No ground effects allowed inside of car. Nose can extend past front bumper. Rear Filler Panel not required. As a reminder, no rear spoiler allowed. Body diagrams are based off of 2017 IMCA Body Rules

E) 42" Maximum
J) 34" Maximum and 24" Minimum
T) 68" Maximum and 24" Minimum (Must Cover Radiator)
U) 54" Maximum and 44" Minimum
X) 68" Maximum and 53" Minimum

15. No direct drives. You must be able to shift forward/reverse with engine running. BERT type transmission, Generation 2 transmission, and Ball splines allowed.

16. No hydraulic pneumatic weight jacks, Trackers, M.S.D. boxes, or any similar adjustable components inside the cockpit. No traction control devices of any kind are allowed.

17. Front bumper (min. 1.5") mounted frame end to frame end with bottom loop parallel to ground. Late model type rear bumper OK. Fuel cell must be protected. Center of bumpers (front and rear) are to be 18" from ground. (Tolerance 2") rear bumper, nerf bars & bodies not past width of rear tires. No sharp edges.

18. Rear roof support not past front side of rear upright of roll bar.

19. Left side firewall may be left open (maximum 15") to allow airflow. However, cockpit must be remain completely sealed for safety purposes.

20. One carburetor (1 inch spacer - No Tolerance). Spacer may not intrude into carb or intake. One gasket per surface allowed at 0.070"maximum each. No electric fuel pump. No magentos

21. No high volume oil pumps. Must be GM, no more than 60 psi at 2,000 rpm.

22. Pump gas and/or racing fuel only. FUEL MUST meet specific gravity rule of .745 (checked at 60 degrees). Fuel may be checked at any time.

23. Any steel approved OEM passenger car or truck rear end allowed (housing and carrier). OEM rear end must use spool (full or mini). Steel axle tube quick change allowed. Quick change must use 10” ring gear with aluminum or steel spool. Only steel axles allowed. Any additional components must be steel except lowering blocks, axle caps, drive plate, pinion mount, and wheel spacers. No torque dividing differentials, scalloped ring gears or cambered rear ends.

24. O.E.M Steering box with original bolt pattern for type of frame used. No center steering. No rack/pinion.

25. Reverse Starter Mount okay, Power steering must be mounted in front of engine.

26. No aluminum shells, hubs, "A" frames, spindles or any other aluminum suspension parts. No plastic carbon wheels. All calipers O.E.M.  No machining/lightening of caliper

27. Minimum weight with driver 2,500 lbs with a Sealed Motor or 2,600 lbs WITHOUT Sealed Motor at all times.
(weight should be claimed on hood of race car, for tech man to see) 25 lb weight break for Hans, or containment seat. (Not both, it is either or).

ALL Lead must be securely fastened to the race car in order to promote safety.  Lead should be painted white, silver, or highly visible color.  Include car # as well.  Unsecured lead is subject to track inspection, regulation, and/or possible disqualification if deemed unsafe

28. Tire Rules: 8" Hoosier Open Competition G-60 Or Hoosier IMCA G-60 or American Racer Tire TBA Soon.  No grooving or siping of ANY tire is allowed at ANY time.  Track Tire Protest rule is in effect. Track may take tire samples for lab at ANY time!  Tire Chemical Protest:  $125.00 per tire to protest- $125.00 per tire acceptance fee.  Tires will be checked by independent lab for ‘treating’ and other alterations. Tires that do not conform to the tire manufacturer’s submitted benchmark will be deemed illegal. Buffing is permitted.

29. Steel racing wheels maximum 8", bead lock right side only.

30. Maximum overall width (front or rear) 78” from outside of tread to outside of tread. Wheel Maximum 1” steel or aluminum spacer allowed on front and rear.

31. Protest fees: Complete sealed  engine teardown: $1000 ($200 acceptance fee) - Engine will be impounded and checked by certified builder ($200 to builder - $200 to track - $800 to winner of protest). Non-sealed  engine teardown: $700 ($300 acceptance fee) - Engine will be impounded and checked by certified builder ($200 to builder - $200 to track - $600 to winner of the protest).
GM crate motor only. Part #88958602 (350 stock circle track engine-88958602) May rebuild, must use GM parts as set forth by GM with the following exceptions: May change Rods, Mains, Cam Bearings and piston rings--No coated bearings, production only, No "HIGH" performance or RACE bearings of any kind

Track protest rules apply:  This is in regard(s) to the protest process, along with who and when a car can be protested. Please check the track’s rule book.

Looking for small or unimportant errors or faults (Nitpicking) will not be tolerated or allowed as nor on protested items. We are well aware that this rule book will not cover every situation or issue that may arise. Track Tech man has final say on ALL protests, claimed item issues.

Driver is fined $1000 and suspended from 602 Modified competition for 30 days.


(Penalties based on calendar year)

1st offense: $1000.00 fine, loss of points, prize money

2nd offense: $2500.00 fine, loss of points, prize money

3rd offense: $5000.00 fine, loss of points, prize money

$500 of each tire fine will go toward the track where the tire was found not to conform with the manufacturer’s benchmark.

Any Questions Please Contact  Michael Tesh  (336) 413-2648

Late Model Sportsman Rules 2017


No part of the frame may be aluminum, titanium or other exotic material.

All Square tube frames minimum 2” rectangular .083” wall thickness.

Round tube frames must be a minimum of 1 ¾” with a minimum of .083” wall thickness.

Wheel base 102” minimum.

Wheel width from side to side 88” maximum measured outside to outside of rear tires.

No aluminum or composite lift bars

Fuel Cell:

Fuel Cell must be mounted behind rear end housing between frame rails.

Must be securely strapped with 2 steel straps 2” wide by 1/8” thick.

Must be mounted inside fuel cell steel box.

Fuel & Fuel System:

Gasoline or racing gasoline only

Fuels must have specific gravity of .745 or less

Fuel pump must be mounted in stock location

No electric fuel pumps

No belt drive fuel pumps


No bigger than a 750cc

Claim rule $550

1” Spacer 604, zero tolerance

2” Spacer 602, zero tolerance

1 gasket allowed on each side, maximum thickness of .70”


No tri-y headers

No long tube headers

A standard header is required

You may run elbows and extensions

$275 claim rule


V-belt pulleys only, no serpentine

Power steering must be mounted on the front of the engine


No magneto’s, MSD style & Electronic ignition allowed

MSD box allowed

No crank triggers or devices that allow external adjustments of timing.

No remote oil filters or oil coolers


Bert, Brinn or Falcon

No Generation 2 transmissions or lightweight transmissions of any kind


Aluminum or steel permitted


Rear end:

Any standard quick change 10” only, no 8”


No lightweight brake rotors

11 ¾” diameter minimum

1 ¼” wide minimum

No scalloped or drilled


No lightweight, No magnesium, No oil filled hubs


Oil shocks, non adjustable

Steel body gas shocks, non adjustable (like SECA modified shocks)

1 shock per wheel. You may run an additional traction shock in front of the left rear wheel. 

5th coil shock okay

$125 claim rule on each shock



2 1/2” diameter maximum

No barrel springs, progressive springs, double stack, bump stops or bump springs allowed

Right front spring 10" or 12” tall, minimum 350 pound rate

Rear springs 2 ½ diameter max, no barrel or progressive springs. 14” height max.


1-  602 2200lbs

2-  604 2400lbs

3-  GM Head # 041, 186, 291, 461, 462, 492 & Bowtie Out of Box -Must Run 650 Carb with 50lbs of weight in Front of the Motor Plate - 2400lbs

​4-  Vortec Bowtie, World Products Sportsman 2 (200-64cc), Dart Iron Eagle Platinum (200-64cc)
​​World Products Sportsman 2 & Dart Iron Eagle Platinum 2
*NO LESS THAN 60cc Combustion Chamber
​You Must Run Allstar Adjustable Base Plate - ALL26060
​You Must Run Allstar Insert - ALL26068
​Must Weigh 2450 with 50lbs in Front of Motor Plate

Engine rules can change at any time to make the class more competitive

Limited Sportsman engines must meet 2016 Friendship Speedway rules and will be required to run a restrictor plate from Port City called 1” governor base plate. Insert size for the base plate will be determined as soon as possible and may be changed during the year at any time to maintain competition.

Crate Engines:

May be rebuilt by anyone. No seal bolts required. Must meet all GM specs except for the following modifications:

You may run a Hasting style ring, A P bearing (A cheap bearing) & Mahle piston replacement. You may bore .20” over.


Maximum 14” wide steel or aluminum permitted

TIRES: Other 3 Corners (Hoosier HTS 1350 or American Racer Pro 2)   Right Rear MUST Be: HTS 1600 or American Racer 56).  NO Steer Tires Allowed!

After Talking with the Late Model Sportsman Drivers we have decided TO ALLOW them to Sipe & Groove Only the AMERICAN RACER PRO 2 , PRO 3 & 56 TIRE.  The American Racer Pro 2 & Pro 3 & 56 Tire is a more affordable tire for the racers and we are trying to keep costs down for them while making it competitive with the Hoosier Tires.

​This will be effective 3-18-17

No soaking, softening or conditioning of tires.

$1000 fine for the first offense and a loss of all points and winnings.

$2000 fine for the second offense and a loss of all points and winnings.


All body rules are covered under SECA body rules EXCEPT 12” spoilers and wings are mandatory.

Engine Protest Rule:

$500 to protest. Will be tore down at the racetrack. Track reserves the right to take it to an independent builder.

Claim Rule:

Anyone in the top 10 can claim anyone in the top 10

 This class is meant to be an inexpensive late model class. Any part deemed to be detrimental to the class will be disallowed. The track reserves the right to change or modify these rules or any rule at anytime in the interest of the track and competition


2017 Friendship Speedway DIVISION Rules​​

Andy Johnson (336-984-5617) FMS Technical Director                friendshipspeedwaync.com